Simple Prayers

Easy to remember prayers for when we run out of words. Our God is never too far away from us.

Liturgical Prayers

Prayers for public and private worship, rich in doctrine; a must know for every Christian.

Morning Prayers

Communicating with God is the best way to begin your day. Praise, thank, and worship Him.

Evening Prayers

Talk to God before you resign for the day. Tell him how you feel, and remain in his presence.

Most Holy Rosary

Pray and meditate on the words of the world's most popular Catholic devotion.


Prayers and popular spiritual exercises that help us grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Before Communion

Prayers to prepare ourselves to receive the Most Holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

After Communion

Prayers of thanksgiving, and supplication after we have received the Body and Blood of Christ.

Before Confession

Here, in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the Lord brings us healing and forgiveness.

After Confession

Prayers of penance and thanksgiving for the Lord has reconciled us to Himself.

Popular Devotions

Pious practices that join us in our faith with the rest of the Universal Church of God.

Ave Christus Rex!
Iesus Dominus Est